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The (Mildly) Psychedelic Bee Gees, 1967-1969

Artist Song
Bee Gees  Turn of the Century 
Bee Gees  In My Own Time 
Bee Gees  Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You 
Bee Gees  Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy of Arts 
Bee Gees  New York Mining Disaster 1941 
Bee Gees  I Close My eyes 
Bee Gees  Please Read Me 
Bee Gees  All Around My Clock 
Bee Gees  World 
Bee Gees  Lemons Never Forget 
Bee Gees  Birdie Told Me 
Bee Gees  Massachusetts 
Bee Gees  Harry Braff 
Bee Gees  The Earnest Of Being George 
Bee Gees  Out of Line 
Bee Gees  Barker of the U.F.O. 
Bee Gees  Sir Geoffrey Saved The World 
Bee Gees  Mrs. Gillespie's Refrigerator 
Bee Gees  Kitty Can 
Bee Gees  Indian Gin & Whiskey Dry 
Bee Gees  Such a Shame 
Bee Gees  I Have Decided to Join the Air Force 
Bee Gees  Jumbo 
Bee Gees  Bridges Crossing Rivers 
Bee Gees  Idea [alt. mix] 
Bee Gees  Melody Fair [alt. mix] 
Bee Gees  Whisper Whisper 
Bee Gees  Give Your Best 
Bee Gees  I Laugh In Your Face 


A somewhat guilty pleasure, mining the early years of the brothers Gibb (while excluding some of their pre-1967 singles) when they walked a fine line between respect_able (if typically bland) Beatles-inspired mildly psychedelic pop and sappy baroque balladry. A few legitimately great songs and a lot of entertaining if not terribly adventurous numbers. Mostly culled from the first 3 (recently reissued) albums, plus a smattering from 1969?s Odessa, their much-touted ?classic? double album which, while overly orchestrated and pretentious by a long shot, established them as (almost) deserving a spot alongside some of their psychedelically-inspired British peers of the day. (After that, they briefly splintered, reuniting for a series of relatively lackluster sunshine pop albums in the early 70s before stumbling into disco glory.)


Pop Kulcher
Date: 3/21/2009
For some reason, the final track (Never Say Never Again, alt. mix) got cut off this tracklist.
Date: 3/22/2009
Brand me "guilty" as a Bee Gees fan, as well. Most of these cuts are obscure to my top 40 consciousness, but you can't deny their lasting imprint on 60s music culture (and beyond).
Date: 3/23/2009
Guilty pleasure? Me thinks not. Now if this compiled the best of their later white suit/SNL lampooned years, then yes, by all means, a guilty pleasure. So much fantastic stuff here, including a few of those cool bonus tracks like Bridges Crossing Rivers, Out of Line and Jumbo which were tacked on to the reissues. I only wish the Odessa CD had the fuzzy felt cover. So what does one have to do to get a copy of this?!
Date: 3/23/2009
That's a common problem around these parts (last track vaporizing when there are 30 tracks on a mix: you just have to up_date your mix and add it then to have it included). This mix, however, is far from common, and although much of their early stuff is sometimes awkward, they were creative to an exceptional degree in their earlier years (your efforts are much appreciated).
Date: 3/24/2009
They kept up with the changing times, and through their willingness to be flexible they were able to maintain a very long, lucrative recording career. Good on 'em!
avocado rabbit
Date: 3/25/2009
I did watch SNF twice, though once was with my daughter.
Date: 4/17/2009
Thank you for no "I started a joke"