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CD | Theme - Break Up
Cassette | Theme - Depression
Cassette | Dance - Hardcore

Alone In A Crowded Room

Side A
Artist Song
Pearl Jam  Nothingman  
Urge Overkill  Back On Me  
Bob Mould  Disappointed  
Elliott Smith  Waltz #2 (XO) 
Portishead  Rhodes 
Tool  Pushit 
Suicidal Tendencies  Depression & Anguish 
Pink Floyd  Is There Anybody Out There?  
The Mark Of Cain  L.M.A. 
Pantera  Suicide Note Pt. 1 
Side B
Radiohead  No Surprises  
Buffalo Tom  Taillights Fade  
The The  Uncertain Smile  
The Dirty Three  I Remember A Time When Once You Used To Love Me 
R.E.M.  Sweetness Follows  
American Music Club  Gratitude Walks  
PJ Harvey  Angelene  
The Tea Party  Drawing Down The Moon  
Nick Drake  Northern Sky  
Joy Division  Candidate  
The Church  Under The Milky Way  
Jeff Buckley  Hallelujah  
Alexandra Balogh  No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep 


A collection of songs that grapple with fear, self-pity, broken hearts and shattered dreams. A bit like life itself.


Date: 11/10/2001
yes, pushit and sweetness follows. let's get married?
Date: 8/16/2004
i love that pearl jam song