Fuck You Very Much: with natalyesaurus and musikitty

Artist Song
Nada Surf  Blankest Year  
Murmurs  Sucker Upper 
The Bird and the Bee  Fucking Boyfrien~d 
Lily Allen  Fuck You 
Jenny Owen Youngs  Fuck Was I 
Deftones  7 Words 
Incubus  The Warmth 
Liz Phair  Fuck and Run 
Jukebox The Ghost  Static 
Louis XIV  Sometimes You Just Want To 
Cake  Nugget 
Alkaline Trio  Fuck You Aurora 
Tilly & The Wall  Too Excited 
Amazing Transparent Man  The Ocean Is A Fuck Of A Long Way To Swim 
Ani DiFranco  Napoleon 
The Wunder Years  You Know Who You Are 


From the keyboard of natalyesaurus:
Considering that musikitty and I have known one another almost as long as I've been a member on this site, it was a triumph of sorts to finally get her on here. Furthermore, it's kind of astounding that it took as long as it did for us to do an alt-dj mix, but we finally made it happen. The theme was one she had been working on alone without making much headway, thanks to the demands of attaining a teaching credential. Meanwhile, I have nothing but free time due to a lovely little ramification of our failing economy known as unemployment. So, we put our two heads together and made a mix of songs with the word "fuck" or some variation of it in the chorus. And what is posted here is the result of our collaboration. It's sassy and snarky and kind of cynical, which are traits I think both of us have engrained in us, if only a little, so I think it's all very fitting.

Note from avocado rabbit:
This is a fine mix though I'm afraid it must carry the Parental Advisory warning label. Download it and listen. It was my pleasure contributing the artwork for this great collaboration.


Date: 4/13/2009
I am really looking forward to listening to this, as it perfectly reflects the mood I've been in over the past week.
Date: 4/13/2009
One thing abut AOTM, you can write fuck but you can't write frie~nd.

An effin' good mix. Nice collaboration, you two.