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1955 R&B Ch_arters (When I Was Born)

Artist Song
The Moonglows  Sincerely (#1, #20)  
The Five Keys  Ling Ting Tong (#5, 1954 #28) 
Laverne Baker  Tweedlee Dee (#4, #14) 
"Big" Joe Turner  Flip Flop and Fly (#2) 
Ruth Brown  Bye Bye Young Men (#13) 
Gene & Eunice  Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So) (#6) 
Ray Ch_arles  I've Got A Woman (#1) 
The Spiders  21 (#9) 
Little Walt_er  My Babe (#1) 
The Ch_arms  Two Hearts (#8) 
Etta James  The Wallflower (Dance with Me Henry) (#1) 
Johnny Ace  Pledging My Love (#1, #17) 
The Five Keys  Close Your Eyes (#5) 
B.B. King  Sneakin' Around (#14) 
Arthur Gunter  Baby Let's Play House (#12) 
Jimmy Reed  You Don't Have To Go (#5) 
Ray Ch_arles  Come Back (Baby) (#4) 
The Cardinals  The Door Is Still O_pen (To My Heart) (#4) 
Fats Domino  Don't You Know (#7) 
The Moonglows  Most Of All (#5) 
The Clovers  Blue Velvet (#14) 


These songs came from the first few months of the year of 1955, that would have played at the time of my birth (April 15). I did a similar mix with pop songs three and a half years ago. That one had less satisfactory results, since R&B was starting to take off in popularity, finally be_ginning to cross over onto the pop ch_arts, while the white folks music was stagnating. Some of the better songs in that arena actually were stolen from the R&B ch_arts (such as tracks 1, 3, 6, 12, 15, and eventually track 21). Track 21 just barely made it onto the R&B Ch_arts (back then there was only ch_art numbers 1 through 15 and that song was on the ch_arts only for 1 week, a week before I was born). Bobby Vinton had a number 1 hit with that song in 1963. Four songs on this mix ch_arted on both the R&B and Pop lists (tracks 1, 2, 3 & 12, all but one of them being adopted by white artists).One song that didn't make it into the mix (originally slated to be track 1) was Earth Angel by the Penguins (another song that crossed over into the Pop ch_arts and was adopted by white artists). I decided to d_rop it because it has been played nearly to death. The length of this mix is 57m23s. The picture is of The Five Keys in 1955.
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Date: 4/15/2009
Happy Birthday, Joe! We celebrated our daughter's birthday on Easter Sunday, just like the year she was born. May you have many more great mixing years to come.
avocado rabbit
Date: 4/17/2009
We still love you even though you're a spring chicken at 54 and not yet 64.