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s h a d o w s

Artist Song
l@bwork  Shadow_01 - Dieresis  
l@bwork  Shadow_02 - Provenance 
l@bwork  Shadow_03 - Into Rotation 
l@bwork  Shadow_04 - Signs 
l@bwork  Shadow_05 - Yurei 
l@bwork  Shadow_06 - Her Familiar 
l@bwork  Shadow_07 - The Gate 
l@bwork  Shadow_08 - Magnetic Anamoly 
l@bwork  Shadow_09 - Ligevaegt 
l@bwork  Shadow_10 - Odium 
l@bwork  Shadow_11 - Photosynasthesia 
l@bwork  Shadow_12 - Transmigration 


Metamorphic interpolation coupled with logarithmic cross-fades. Variants on compositions leveraged via Audacity. This is number 4 in a series (proJJeXx) of mixes in which I take an existing ambient composition and mess with it using the freeware package, Audacity.