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1966-1970 Odds & En_ds, Part 2

Artist Song
Donovan  Sunshine Superman (1966 #1)  
Spencer Davis Group  Gimme Some Lovin' (1967 #7) 
The Doors  Roadhouse Blues (1970, flip of You Make Me Real #50) 
Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra  The Woodchopper's Ball (Instrumental) (1969) 
The Band  Up On Cripple Creek (1970 #25) 
Bread  Make It With You (1970 #1) 
The Frien_ds of Distinction  Going in Circles (1969 #15) 
The Grass Roots  Where Were You When I Needed You (1966 #28) 
The Mamas and The Papas  I Saw Her Again (1966 #5) 
The Lettermen  Hurt So Bad (1969 #12) 
King Crimson  The Court of The Crimson King (1970 #80) 
Vanity Fare  Early in The Morning (1970 #12) 
Bobby Goldsboro  The Straight Life (1968 #36) 
The Critters  Mr. Dieingly Sad (1966 #17) 
The Moments  Love On A Two Way Street (1970 #3) 
Dusty Springfield  You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (1966 #4) 
The Vogues  My Special Angel (1968 #7) 
Lou Christie  Rhapsody In The Rain (uncensored vers) (1966 #16) 
Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston  It Takes Two Baby (1967 #14) 
Neil Diamond  Shilo (1970 #24) 
Rich_ard "Groove" Holmes  Misty (Instrumental) (1966 #44) 
Tom Jones  Love Me Tonight (1969 #13) 
The Gentrys  Cinnamon Girl (1970 #52) 
Jimmie Rodgers  It's Over (1966 #37) 
Simon & Garfunkel  Bridge Over Troubled Water (1970 #1) 


The second part of songs that got passed over for the 1966-70 period on my prior mixes. This one has emphasis on the first and last years in the range (with 8 & 9 songs respectively). This mix also has less songs that were in the top ten than in the first part (8 instead of 13). However the average ch_art ranking comes out about the same as with part one (21, if you don't count the non-ch_arting track 4). None of the artists in this mix appear more than once, but the first and last tracks are by artists that also appeared on part 1. This mix was inten_ded for transfer onto a CD, but I inadvertently added one too many tracks. The length of the mix comes out to 83m27s, so one of seven possible songs that are over 3m30s in length would have to be removed to do so. The easiest way would be to remove the last track (so one wouldn't have to change the track numbers), but other possible songs are tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 11 & 15. My choice for removal would be track 5 since there was a version of the same song done by Aretha Franklin in part 1.
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