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RetroJoe's Mix of Rockin' Jim's Picks

Artist Song
Donovan  Colours (original single version) (1965 #61)  
Blood, Sweat & Tears  I Can't Quit Her (1968) 
The Beatles  Within You Without You (mono) (1967) 
The Spencer Davis Group  Can't Get Enough of It (1967, flip of I'm a Man) 
Joe Bennett  Penny Loafers and Bobby Socks (1957 #42) 
Johnny Zorro  Road Hog (Instrumental) (1959) 
Steve Alaimo  Every Day I Have To Cry Some (1963 #46) 
Timi Yuro  What's A Matter Baby (1962 #12) 
Red Prysock  Hand Clappin' (Instrumental) (1955) 
Billy Ward & His Dominoes  Pedal Pushin' Papa (1953 R&B #4) 
Frankie Lee Sims  Walkin' With Frankie (1957) 
Robin Luke  Susie Darlin' (1958 #5) 
Todd Rhodes & His Orchestra  I'm Just A Fool In Love (Instrumental) (1949) 
Rod Stewart  Every Picture Tells A Story (1971) 
Delaney & Bonnie & Frie_nds  I Don't Want to Discuss It (1970) 
The Great Society with Grace Slick  Somebody To Love (live at the Matrix) (1968, recorded in 1965) 
Laura Nyro  Save the Country [single version] (1968) 
Dave Mason  Look at You Look at Me (1970) 
The Rolling Stones  Look What You've Done (1966) 
Roy Orbison  Yo Te Amo Maria (1964, flip of Oh, Pretty Woman) 
The Bee Gees  Marley Purt Drive (1969) 
HP Lovecraft  The White Ship (1967) 


Some tunes inspired by my frie_nd Jim's input over the course of the last few weeks. One of the topics that was discussed in some detail was his days listening to underground radio in the late '60s and early '70s in the local San Francisco Bay Area. Some of the choices made for the song sel_ections weren't necessarily directly made by Jim. The first three choices (plus track 18) were mine off of albums that he recommen_ded (only the mono mix would do for the Beatles). Track 5 was chosen by me off of a Rockabilly CD mix made by Jim's brother for Jim (they are both big rockabilly fans). Tracks 9, 10 & 13 were sel_ections I made off of 3 CDs that Jim lent me from his extensive collection. The range of years of these songs is 1949-1971 (but mostly the mid '50s to the late '60s). After the early '70s, Jim directed most of his attention to collecting and listening to R&B, especially doo-wop. I've concentrated on that last angle in my 8 CD series of Grooveyard Gems. This mix is less specialized since it represents Jim's taste in music before his near total conversion. The last 23 seconds was trimmed off of track 14 to make room for the harpsichord playing at the e_nd of the last track (the mix is 79m56s long).
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Date: 5/6/2009
I love all of it, but especially pleased at Dave Mason.
Date: 5/10/2009
Leave it to you to mix up those other mixes to make something new! We all benefit from you and your pal Jim.
Date: 5/10/2009
A very nice selec-tion of music in the time-space continuum! One inclusion does makes me laugh - the Steve Alaimo (did anyone ever take his music seriously?).