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Mike's iPod Anniversary Inventory: Year 3

Artist Song
The Dutchess and the Duke  Armageddon Song (78) 
Toots & the Maytals  Pomp & Pride (57) 
The Dutchess and the Duke  I am Just a Ghost (49) 
The Animals  House of the Rising Sun (47) 
The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit)  Chikondi (46) 
Universal Poplab  Summer Struck (44) 
The Doors  People are Strange (40) 
Matt and Kim  Daylight (39) 
Okkervil River  Singer Songwriter (38) 
Boxer the Horse  Jackson Leftfield (37) 
Elvis Presley  Beach Shack (37) 
MGMT  Kids (37) 
Dan Deacon  Get Older (36) 
Detektivbyran  En Annan Typ Av Disco (33) 
Franz Ferdinand  Lucid Dreams (album version) (33) 
Amanda Palmer  Oasis (31) 
Los Campesinos!  We are Beautiful, We are Doomed (31) 
Matt and Kim  Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare (31) 
Jason Holstrom  The Thieves of Kailua (29) 
Infadels  Free Things for Poor People (28) 
The Shake Ups  Can't Stop the Signal (28) 
The Welcome Wagon  But for You Who Fear My Name (28) 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Zero (28) 
Ben Kweller  Fight (27) 
Claudio Villa  Tic Ti Tic Ta (27) 
The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit)  Dinosaur on the Ark (27) 
The Raveonettes  That Great Love Sound (26) 
Creedence Clearwater Revival  It Came Out of the Sky (25) 
Camera Obscura  French Navy (24) 


Damn, I've only had an iPod for 3 measely years? Seems like I've been relying on this thing most of my life..

Anyway, hey gang! I've been gone for about, uh, an entire year. Bad changes were afoot. I missed AOTM, posting and commenting. Countless mixes have been composed in the interim, but instead of looking back, I'll start from here, May 2009. And being my only officially recurring mix theme, I might as well start here on the 3rd anniversary of my highest-playcount mixes.

Amazingly, I'm still using the same first iPod I got back in April 2006. It's steadily becoming more senile, but still a reliable tool. The actual problems over time have been with the computers themselves. I've been through 3 different iTunes since I started, due to a hard drive crash here and change of address there, plus my stupid inability to back up the iTunes info beforehand.

Anyway my life is still in a curious holding pattern, so after nearly a year of being at my new place, I still haven't put all my old music back onto iTunes. Which means everything on it is from about July 2008-right now. A few past recruits, but mostly music I began listening to after that point. Eventually I'll combine all libraries to form my magnum opus iTunes. Until then, I'm running on a more timely 2850-song junior database. And these are the [great] songs I've listened to the most, according to iTunes.

Interestingly the numeric stats are pretty similar to the completely different batch from 2008. Guess that's just how I roll.

- the only artist who also appeared on last year's: Dan Deacon

- the only artists who also appeared on my first inventory, in 2007: Los Campesinos and The Raveonettes (same song!)


Mike Eternity
Date: 5/6/2009
P.S. I think AOTM hates me. Not only can I not access my older mixes, but every time I tried posting this mix with the paragraph breaks () it blocked me saying there was some security breach. So I had to take them all out, leaving us with this ugly long block of text that no one will want to read. I apologize sincerely, but I tried...
Date: 5/6/2009
I always enjoyed these, and it reminds me to dig out more Dutchess and the Duke
Date: 5/6/2009
I still have a first-generation iPod from 2001. It still works - although it can't run off a cha_rge for more than about an hour, it makes a great port_able hard drive and runs great when plugged directly into a computer. I'm not sure how closely my most-played tracks relate to my general listening habits, as I still listen to a lot of CDs. This is fun to see, and I'm ashamed of how many of your most-listened-to artists I've never heard of (about one-third).
Date: 5/12/2009
Long time Mike, good to see you still kicking it. I can't find much to complain about here save for maybe Kweller who after 2 great records dro'pped the ball IMHO. This looks like a top listen.