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The House That The Mouse Built: A Danger Mouse Retrospective

Artist Song
Gnarls Barkley  Whatever  
Danger Mouse & Gemini & The Pharcyde  Medieval 
Gorillaz  Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey's Head 
The Good The Bad & The Queen  Back in the Day 
DJ Danger Mouse (The Gray Album)  Public Service 
Zero 7 featuring MF Doom  Somersault 
Sparklehorse  Don't Take My Sunshine Away 
Danger Mouse & Murs  To A Black Boy 
Prince Po featuring MF Doom  Social Distortion 
The Rapture  Pieces of the People We Love 
Martina Topley-Bird  Carnies 
Gorillaz featuring Roots Manuva & MT Bird  All Alone 
Danger Doom featuring Ghostface  The Mask 
Gnarls Barkley  Crazy 
The Black Keys  Strange Times 
Beck  Modern Guilt 
The Shortwave Set  Now Til 69 
DJ Danger Mouse (The Gray Album)  What More Can I Say? 


Brian Joseph Burton, aka Danger Mouse, is a producer extraordinaire. Like Todd Rundgren, he is very good making his own music, but his best work comes from producing others. He burst onto the scene with his famous (or infamous) internet bootleg of acapellas from Jay-Z's The Black Album combined with instrumentals from The Beatles' White Album. It was hailed by several music critics as the recording of the year in 2004, though not one CD was ever sold.

Burton took his stage name from a British cartoon series of the same name because he was too shy to show his face, so he performed sets in a mouse outfit. It is from that strange beg`inning that he eventually came to partner with Cee-Lo of Goodie Mob to form the duo Gnarls Barkley. The compilation of songs here features Danger Mouse's talents, either as a performer or producer.

Quiz - When the Boston Celtics won the NBA title last year, Kevin Garnett shouted out a phrase from a Danger Mouse song title. What was it? To the winner goes a copy of the mix tracked and with artwork.


Date: 5/10/2009
Yes, he is SO brilliant, funny, and genre-crossing that he can make old things new again. Super mix!
All I recall from the playoffs is Garnett crying and screaming "Anything is possible!" and "Top of the world!" He was OVER the top at that moment.
cheese romano
Date: 5/13/2009
What more can I say was the third phrase he shouted.