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Yard Sale: A Juliana Hatfield Retrospective

Artist Song
Juliana Hatfield  Where Would I Be Without You?  
Juliana Hatfield  Yardsailing 
Juliana Hatfield  Girl in the Blue Volvo Desires Herself 
Juliana Hatfield with Tanya Donnelly  Josie & The Pussycats 
Juliana Hatfield  Witches Song 
Juliana Hatfield  Make It Home 
Juliana Hatfield with Giant Sand  The Temptation of Ogg 
Juliana Hatfield with Evan Dando  My Drug Buddy 
Juliana Hatfield  Across the Universe 
Juliana Hatfield  Slow Motion 
Juliana Hatfield  Waves 
Juliana Hatfield  Silly Goofball Poems 
Juliana Hatfield with Evan Dando  $1000 Wedding 
Juliana Hatfield  No Feelings 
Juliana Hatfield with The Blow Monkeys  You Don't Own Me 


Details for the songs on the compilation
1-Where Would I Be Without You?
3-Girl In The Blue Volvo Desires Herself (# 1-3 "Only Everything" bonus tracks)
4-Josie & The Pussycats (with Tanya Donnelly)
5-Witches Song (The Craft OST)
6-Make It Home (My So-Called Life OST)
7-The Temptation of Ogg (with Giant Sand)
8-My Drug Buddy (with Evan Dando live on KCRW Rare on Air)
9-Across The Universe (B-side to "Feel It")
10-Slow Motion (River Music Hall volume 2)
11-Waves (Safe & Sound Against Violence)
12-Silly Goofball Poems (Kicks Joy Darkness: Kerouac tribute)
13-$1000 Wedding (with Evan Dando - Return of the Grievous Angel: Gram Parsons tribute)
14-No Feelings (live Sex Pistols cover)
15-You Don't Own Me (live with The Blow Monkeys)

Juliana Hatfield is a guitarist/singer/songwriter from the Boston area, formerly of the indie rock band Blake Babies. She acquired a love of rock music during the 1970s, having been introduced by a babysitter to the music of the Los Angeles punk rock band, X, which proved a life-changing experience. She was also attracted to the music of more mainstream artists like Olivia Newton-John and The Police, perhaps explaining the contrast in her later music between sweet, melodic "pop" songs and more hard rock oriented material.

At the age of 19, while atte`nding Berklee School of Music, she met Freda Love and John Strohm, forming Blake Babies as a result. Sharing vocals with Strohm, the boy/girl counterpoint reminded people of the band X. She stood out from the others in the band and eventually embarked on a solo career, fronting her own group, the Juliana Hatfield Three, along with drummer Todd Phillips of Bullet LaVolta and Thudpucker bassist Dean Fisher.

Like so many other recording artists, Hatfield eventually came to a disagreement with the label she was signed to. In 1996 she traveled to Woodstock where she recorded tracks for God's Foot which was to be her fourth solo album. After three failed attempts to satisfy requests from Atlantic Records to come up with a "single" that the label could release, Juliana requested she be released from her contract. The label obliged, but kept the rights to the songs produced during these sessions (Atlantic had reportedly paid $180,000 to that point on the recordings). Two tracks - "Mountains of Love" and "Fade Away" - were eventually released on a greatest hits collection, while still another, "Can't Ki`ll Myself," was available for download from Juliana's official website. The remaining tracks have surfaced only as substandard bootleg versions (which do not meet Hatfield's approval) and she has rarely featured them in her subsequent live performances.
Her 2005 album Made In China was released on her own new record label, Ye Olde Records, and has a much rawer feel. John Doe of the band X described the disc as "A frighteningly dark & beautiful record filled with stark, angular, truly brutal songs & guitars. This is surely a 'Woman Under the Influence', though I'm not sure of what." Since then she has released a live album and another solo record last year.
This is a compilation of assorted rarities and live tracks from Hatfield's career. If you choose to download, the images in the zip file are of better quality than those here.


Date: 5/11/2009
Have always liked Juliana's stuff. Well done, avocado.
Date: 5/11/2009
Nice work!!!
Date: 5/14/2009
thanks for compiling this. i look forward to hearing it!