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Never Too Late: A Peter Himmelman Rarities Retrospective

Artist Song
Peter Himmelman  Woman With The Strength of 10,000 Men  
Peter Himmelman  Only Innocent 
Peter Himmelman  Love of Midnight 
Peter Himmelman  Impermanent Things 
Peter Himmelman  Crushed 
Peter Himmelman  Terrible 
Peter Himmelman  11th Confession 
Peter Himmelman  Raina 
Peter Himmelman  The Disgruntled Postal Worker 
Peter Himmelman  Seven Circles 
Peter Himmelman  A Lifetime Too Late 
Peter Himmelman  Gravity Can't Keep My Spirit Down 
Peter Himmelman  Impermanent Things 
Peter Himmelman  Dixie The Tiny Dog 
Peter Himmelman  Fly So High 
Peter Himmelman  Seven Circles 
Peter Himmelman  Always In Disguise 
Peter Himmelman with The Innocence Mission  Running Away 


Peter Himmelman is a singer-songwriter from Minnesota. Dro`pping out of high school early, Himmelman used the pseudonym Sussman Lawrence and got hired as a cast member of Twin Cities, teen-geared TV show Steamroller. His early band name, Shangoya, was replaced by the Sussman Lawrence name. After the band's appearance on the TV show, Peter's Dad called the studio where the band had been cutting some demos and preten`ded to be a "very enthusiastic" Chicago record ex`ecutive. "The next day," Himmelman relates, "the studio owner called saying that he was "suddenly eager" to press a single." After mentioning the Chicago label's "interest," Himmelman himself was able to persuade the studio owner to pony up for an entire album.

Himmelman is well known for his raucous, unpredictab`le stage shows. The shows are mostly improvised, and he will ad-lib various comments and jokes in between songs. He has concentrated on work for TV shows the past several years and won an Emmy for his music. Quiz For a free copy, name the TV series.


Date: 5/27/2009
Wish I could answer, because I've always liked Himmelman. Nice collection!
Darth Pazuzu
Date: 5/27/2009
What's really interesting is that, while I personally don't really know anything by Peter Himmelman (and I'm actually from Minnesota myself, fancy that - but then again I was never really into the Replacements either), my Mom was really into that song Woman With The Strength Of 10,000 Men. She passed away from cancer back in '05, unfortunately, but I do remember her saying that she definitely took inspiration from that song in terms of her personal trials...
Date: 6/3/2009
Another of the infinite number of artists that I've really liked what little I've heard from them (in this case "Impermanent Things"), but for one reason or another, I never dug into the catalog. But, if I remember correctly, Mr. Himmelman wrote the theme and music for Judging Amy, which my wife sorely misses.
avocado rabbit
Date: 6/5/2009
Mesh answer meshes with the quiz and he's a winner.