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A Red Mini Cooper For You

Artist Song
The Weakerthans  Our Retired Explorer 
Polaris  Everywhere 
Dave Matthews Band  Grey Street 
Shawn Colvin  Sunny Came Home 
The Weakerthans  Reconstruction Site 
Mamas and the Papas  California Dreaming 
Rush  Limelight 
REM  The Great Beyond 
The Weakerthans  Night Windows 
Soundgarden  Searching With My Good Eye 
Simon and Garfunkel  The Boxer 
Patti Smith  Dead to the World 
The Weakerthans  Bigfoot 
Mazzy Star  Blue Light 
John Mayer  Clarity 
Sleater-Kinney  One Beat 
The Weakerthans  Aside 


Built around the 5 Weakerthans' songs and done in "chapters." Narrative is literal (song name/ lyrics) or abstract (the feeling of a song) dep_nding on the song. Personal insight, I guess. Not quite sold on the 14-16 run...

If you do understand the madness, I'm sorry. I wish no one did. If you don't, well, consider yourself lucky.



Darth Pazuzu
Date: 5/28/2009
Wow! I really like quite a bit of what you've done here, particularly the Mamas & The Papas / Rush / R.E.M. sequence (just the sort of thing I might do, actually!) as well as your picks from Soundgarden and Patti Smith! :-)
avocado rabbit
Date: 5/28/2009
Nice concept. Same one I did with Oasis a while back for a change of pace.