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Bruce Hornsby: The Way It Was

Artist Song
Bruce Hornsby  Jack Straw (Deadicated: Songs of the Grateful Dead)  
Bruce Hornsby  Valley Road (WXRT, v3) 
Bruce Hornsby  Fields of Gray (Etown Live, v1) 
Bruce Hornsby  King of the Hill (KGSR, v9) 
Bruce Hornsby  Great Divide (KFOG, v6) 
Bruce Hornsby  Country Doctor (KFOG, v5) 
Bruce Hornsby  Girl From The North Country (Mountain Stage, v6) 
Bruce Hornsby  Shadowlands (Bamboozled OST) 
Bruce Hornsby  Cool [with Patti Austin] (Songs from West Side Story) 
Bruce Hornsby  Gonna Be Some Changes Made (KBCO, v16) 
Bruce Hornsby  Passing Through (Cities, v5) 
Bruce Hornsby  Resting Place (Woodstock 99) 
Bruce Hornsby  The Way It Is (live: The Way It Is tour) 


Is Bruce Hornsby a rock guy? Perhaps a pop guy? Some would say he plays jazz. He's been known to crank it up with New Grass musicians and Jam Bands from time to time. He was a part-time member of the Grateful Dead. He's currently part of a band with Ricky Skaggs. One thing for certain: Hornsby is a fine musician and a pretty darn good songwriter as well.
Hornsby's recordings have been recognized on a number of occasions with industry awards, including the Best New Artist Grammy in 1987 with Bruce Hornsby and the Range, the Best Bluegrass Recording Grammy in 1989, and the Best Pop Instrumental Grammy in 1993.
This compilation features several of Hornsby's rare and live recordings. He hasn't put out much that's off the radar beyond official label releases with the exception of bootlegs.
To win this compilation in the quiz name the prominent baseball manager that introduced Hornsby to bassist Christian McBride, which led to the formation of his jazz trio with drummer Jack DeJohnette.


Date: 6/8/2009
I did enjoy those hits of his and enjoy him when he pops on any non Dead/Jam related music Tony LaRussa is my trivia answer
Date: 6/8/2009
I think you sum it up pretty well when you say he is a fine musician and songwriter. I don't care for all his music, but I do respect him. I'm actually pretty fond of his version of "Jack Straw" (saw him play with Grateful Dead in, oh, '91) and his cover of "Girl From The North Country" is excellent.
Date: 6/18/2009
I live in his hometown and am always amazed at how many people out of this area do not know who he is (he was even sampled in a rap song). He is so respected in the music world but I have to admit that I really don't know his greater output. I met him once and he is really nice. I'd love to hear his version "Girl From the North Country" (I just uploaded a mix with Link Ray covering that song too).