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Playlist | Theme

We Don't Belong In Heaven

Artist Song
Lion King Broadway OST  Shadowland 
Lacuna Coil  Not Enough 
Lion King II OST - Zira  Zira's Lullaby 
Lion King OST - Scar  Be Prepared 
Alice Cooper  Halo Of Flies 
Rancid  Hyena 
Black Hawk Down OST  Hunger 
Rammstein  Du Riechst So Gut 
Lion King OST  ...To Die For 
Lion King Broadway OST  The Stampede 
Dir en Grey  Bottom Of The Death Valley 
Wumpscut  Stomp 


Villians are so much more awesome than the good guys. xD A mix about Scar and Zira [and the hyena trio, too], made for reasons unknown. The Lacuna Coil track might be a little too pretty, especially in comparison to most of the other songs, but it apparently sort of fits Zira's feelings about dying. [according to wikipedia anyway...]
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