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sometimes i forget meaning, sometimes i forget to ask

Side A
Artist Song
The Divine Comedy  Gin Soaked Boy 
Belle And Sebastian  I Don't Love Anyone 
Logh  The Smoke Will Lead You Home 
The Walkmen  Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone 
The Mendoza Line  Let's Not Talk About It 
Radiohead  Street Spirit (Fade Out) 
Black Box Recorder  Girl's Guide For The Modern Diva 
Drive-By Truckers  Two Daughters And A Beautiful Wife 
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy  Death To Everyone 
Lewis & Clarke  Sometimes We Forget To Ask 
Side B
The Decemberists  My Mother Was A Chinese Trapeze Artist 
The Essex Green  Don't Know Why (You Stay) 
Okkervil River  The War Criminal Rises And Speaks 
We Are Soldiers We Have Guns  Songs That No One Will Hear 
The Poems  Sometimes Somewhere Someone Should Say Something 
Between The Pine  Robbie, Brute Of The Brawlers 
The Walls  To The Bright And Shining Sun 
Malcolm Middleton  Fight Like The Night 
Lindstrom  There Is A Drink In My Bedroom 


turning questions into answers for dear natalye. i tried to copy/paste the link for her mix, but aotm wouldn't let me. oh well. whatever.


Professor Poserlad
Date: 7/7/2009
i am just rofl'ing your feathers brohymn, thanks for the kind words. lots of good shit here, including my fav medieval radiohead song.
Date: 7/7/2009
made my way through side a last night (and fell asleep just after the tape clicked, signaling the end of the side)! very mellow and very nice, and i like how the answers actually align quite well with how i think you'd answer those questions even if you didn't have mix time constraints. looking forward to side b, which has a lot of artists i don't yet know. http://artofthemix.org/FindAMix/getcontents.aspx?strmixid=123500
Date: 7/23/2009
Yeah I got kind of hardcore lately about not allowing html to be inserted into AOTM. I need to loosen it up a bit so people can put in links. I just had too many hackers on the site, so I closed that down entirely, but I'll bring it back...