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and now i feel like i'm floating (haldern 2009)

Artist Song
William Fitzsimmons  Goodnight 
Mumford & Sons  Roll Away Your Stone 
The Maccabees  Precious Time 
Little Boots  New In Town 
Blitzen Trapper  Country Caravan 
The Thermals  Now We Can See 
Loney, Dear  I Am John 
Final Fantasy  Song Song Song 
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives  Flipside 
Gravenhurst  The Western Lands 
Noah And The Whale  Blue Skies 
Patrick Watson  Slip Into Your Skin 
Andrew Bird  Fake Palindromes 
Colin Munroe  One More Chance 
Wintersleep  Laser Beams 
Dear Reader  Dearheart 
Bon Iver  Flume 
Grizzly Bear  Central And Remote 
Woodpigeon  The Alison Yip School For Girls 
Paolo Nutini  Last Request 


compiled for a friend who will go to the haldern pop festival (http://haldern-pop.de/) for the first time this year. he's more into rock music (with queens of the stone age, kyuss and monster magnet probably being his favourite bands), but he's got a new girlfriend and thus has to listen to more indie pop now :) anyway, he asked me for some music to prepare him for his festival adventure, so i made him some copies of some albums of some bands/artists playing at haldern pop this year plus this mix just for the fun of it :) let's see what he thinks of it!
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Date: 8/1/2009
looks good! i'm sure your friend will love it. i'm working on a similar kind of mix for my brother.
Date: 8/1/2009
mmm... Bon Iver. So much goodness here... Love it! :]