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Artist Song
David Matthews  Guitar Piece III (click to listen to the MP3)  
David Byrne & Brian Eno  Home 
The Phantom Surfers  Bali Hai 
Elvis Costello  The Other Side Of Summer 
Cibo Matto  Working For Vacation 
Beach Boys  Can't Wait Too Long 
Camera Obscura  The False Contender 
Brian Wilson  Mexican Girl 
Percy Thrillington  Ram On 
Stan Ridgway  Heat Takes A Walk 
Tom Verlaine  Those Harbour Lights 
Billy Idol  Hot In The City 
Takako Minekawa  Flash 
Brian Wilson  Southern California 
XTC  Grass 
Beastie Boys  I Don't Know 
10cc  Lazy Ways 
Us3  Lazy Day 
Norman Cook  Magic Carpet Ride 
Stan Ridgway  Riot In Dogtown 


Wow. AOTM works again! Special thanks to Kata for giving me the heads up. This is FuTone v 09 recorded earlier this year: it is the soundtrack to the remake of Bikini Beach.

Plot: School is out at the atoll and the teenagers on the armed forces research base head for the beach. All is well until millionaire arms merchant Harvey Huntington Honeywagon III comes around, convinced that the beachgoers are so senselessly obsessed with sex that their mentality is below that of a primate - especially Honeywagon's wunderkind pet chimp Clyde, who can surf, drive, and watusi better than anyone on the beach. With the teenagers demoralized and discredited, Honeywagon plans to turn Bikini Beach into a senior citizens retirement home despite the increasing radiation.

Meanwhile, foppish ethnic rocker and son of the chief of staff, The Potato Bug (played by Frankie Avalon in a dual role, also acting as an atomic science intern), has taken up residence on Bikini Beach. Annoyed by Frankie's reluctance to start their relationship towards marriage, Dee Dee, a shy Mexican girl (daughter of the governor of New Mexico who recently gave up a Secretary of Energy post and is spending the summer cheering up her father) becomes receptive to Potato Bug's advances. In a jealous rage, Frankie challenges The Potato Bug to a bomb contest, in hopes of winning Dee Dee back.

You can hear it all here:

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Date: 8/8/2009
welcome back, good to see you! fantastic looking mix!
Date: 8/10/2009
Jon, this is fantastic. What a freakout ending. I'm trying to imagine the finale of the movie...