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Playlist | Mixed Genre
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MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre

Pulling Teeth

Artist Song
Rufus Wainwright  Memphis Skyline 
The Beatles  Dear Prudence 
Oasis  Married With Children 
Roger Waters  Comfortably Numb (live) 
Lenka  Trouble is a Friend 
Radiohead  These Are My Twisted Words 
Beirut  Nantes 
Matt Costa  Sweet Rose 
Elvis Costello  Complicated Shadows 
The Grateful Dead  Casey Jones 
Lucinda Williams  Honey Bee 
Belle & Sebastian  The Boy With the Arab Strap 
Glasvegas  Geraldine 
David Bowie  Cat People (Putting Out Fire) 
Spoon  Got Nuffin 
Weezer  (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To 
Green Day  Horeshoes and Hand Grenades 
Pearl Jam  The Fixer 
Tom Waits  Goin' Out West 
Van Halen  Everybody Wants Some 


I usually make myself a new 20 song playlist every month - just a cross section of what's caught my ear and some old favorites to go along with. The only two rules I set myself are that I can't repeat artists within the mix, nor use a track by any artists I used the month before.

For some reason, this month's mix was a wicked chore to finally bring together...and I'm not even completely sold that it works!

I will readily admit that I'm yet another person who has dusted off that Bowie track after seeing INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. Likewise, Pearl Jam and Costello made the cut in honour of the two stellar concerts I saw this month.

Overall, I'm happy with my quiet-to-loud progression, but feel like I leaned too hard on familiar go-to's in the end, even if they are new tracks. Thoughts? Oh well, it is what it is. All I can hope is that September proves more musically fruitful so that next month's mix comes a little bit easier to me. Cheers! - Famous.


Date: 10/6/2009
Dear Prudence was on my mind when I came home from work yesterday - I'm not sure why - but good call on that one! I can't complain with what I know on this mix - it works really well. I've been noticing that you've been using a few of the new Pearl Jam tracks here and on LJ - just curious what you think of it - the samples I've been sampling it's hard to tell.