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The Life and Possible Death of Stevie Benson Part 1

Artist Song
Mudhoney  Generation Genocide 
Led Zeppelin  Good Times,Bad Times 
Pearl Jam  Breathe 
Blind Melon  Paper Scratcher 
Rage Against The Machine  Guerilla Radio 
Sonic Youth  Teenage Riot 
Nirvana  Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 
David Gilmour   There's no way outta here. 
Alice in Chains  Nothin Song 
Queens of the Stone Age  Little Sister 
The Who  Athena 
The Smashing Pumpkins  Mayonise 


The Story of Stevie Benson is a strange one and doesn't make much sense, much like this mix. Stevie is a young man, who has had an identity crisis (Good Times Bad Times) His Uncle Ken tells him to escape the normal world and try to live as a hobo for awhile (Breathe, Paper Scratcher.)
Like an idiot, Stevie takes his advice. He isn't homless for long, until he joins the TCC (Teenage Communists of Canada) who offer to feed him in return for his services.He gains a wide influence in the party (Guerilla Radio, Teenage Riot.)
Stevie realizes in horror that he is forever in debt to the TCC, (or at least until he turns 20).) (There's No Way Outta Here) He turns to psychedelic drugs as a source of comfort (Nothin Song)
He then meets Athena, the daughter of his dealer who he begins to pursue (Little sister, Athena)
He then asks her to run away with him.(Mayonise)

Yeah I didn't think it made much sense ethier.


Darth Pazuzu
Date: 10/10/2009
I like this one a lot, and your story concept is really cool too. And y'know, this is actually the first mix I've seen posted by someone else where I actually know each and every song. I'm not kidding! I think we probably have a lot in common, you and I. (If you want to see my attempt at a kind of story mix - or "rock opera" - look up my very own PAZUZU MIX #85: All He Wanted Was To Be Free, And That's The Way It Turned Out To Be!)