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Climbing up the ladder, breaking my shin on the very first rung

Artist Song
Spoon  Got Nuffin 
Lifter Puller  To Live and Die in LBI 
Thin Lizzy  Running Back 
Built to Spill  Nowhere Lullaby 
The Status Quo  Pictures of Matchstick Men 
1910 Fruitgum Company  Indian Giver 
Nirvana  Sappy 
The Mountain Goats  Old College Try 
The Who  Our Love Was 
The Brian Jonestown Massacre  Cabin Fever 
Uncle Tupelo  Gun 
Tom Waits  Blind Love 
Brinsley Schwarz  It's Been So Long 
The Teddy Bears  To Know Him Is to Love Him 
The Old 97's  Salome 
The Rolling Stones  Tell Me (You're Coming Back) 
Gram Parsons  $1000 Wedding 
The Replacements  You're Getting Married (demo) 
The Pixies  Motorway to Roswell 
Bob Dylan & The Band  I'm Not There 


This is basically a conglomeration of stuff that's been going through my head lately. It has a nice flow, though.