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WRFL 88.1 FM playlist 08/29

Artist Song
yo la tengo  sea urchins 
yasushi yoshida  picture of three life 
shady bard  torch song 
tortoise  gamera 
xiu xiu  under pressure 
the drift  hearts are flowers 
efterklang  prey and predator 
tristeza  i am a cheetah 
near the parenthesis  the world is inside you now 
do make say think  fredericia 
rachel's  last things last 
el ten eleven  connie 
dengue fever  sleepwalking through the mekong 
epic45  the stars in spring 
six parts seven  what (we can just make out) 
emery reel  hence; therefore; again 
liars  be quiet mt. heart attack! 
yndi halda  dash and blast 
world's end girlfriend  the octuple personality and eleven crows 
milhaven  new orleans 
helios  coast off 
mono  a heart has asked for the pleasure 
sawako  august neige 
slowdive  country rain 
northern  coasting 
new order  ceremony 
m.i.a. feat. timbaland  come around 
low  death of a salesman 


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