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Playlist | Theme - Depression

Rain Only

Artist Song
Her Space Holiday  Famous To Me (Hurtful Kid Mix) 
Dntel  Umbrella 
The One AM Radio  What You Gave Away 
Jolen Essex  Cloudgirl 
Pulseprogramming  Stylophone Purrs And Mannerist Blossoms 
The Notwist  Consequence 
13 & God  Afterclap 
CafT Del Mar  Whispering Wind 
Home Video  Melon 
Figurine  Tired Eyes 
The Good Life  Waiting on Wild Horses 
Telefon Tel Aviv  What It Was Will Never Again 
Goldfrapp  Time Out From The World 
The Boats  It's Not Your Fault (It's How Air Works) 
CocoRosie  Miracle 
Broken Social Scene  Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl 


Where does depression hurt? Everywhere.