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The Devil In Me

Artist Song
Henry Mancini  Charade (vocal) 
Einstnrzende Neubauten  The Garden 
Iggy Pop  Baby 
Big Black  Ready Men 
Om  Unitive Knowledge of The Godhead 
Orchid  Trail of The Unknown Body 
Woods Family Creeps  The Creeps 
Bruthers  Bad Way To Go 
Los Hijos Del Sol  Linda MuÂħequita 
GDP & Shape  Reevauluate 
Broadcast  I Found The F 
Alela Diane  Tired Feet 
Des Ark  Some Are Love 
Meneguar  The Morning, The Night 
Sonic Youth  Halloween 
Nico  Roses In The Snow 
Pygmy Lush  Frozen Man 


A mix for a girl. We met under less than ideal circumstances so the music here is a little gloomy, but she's into weird shit so I'm not really expecting her to spurn the content.
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