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Daughter of Frank Mix

Artist Song
College  Animal Collective 
Ashamed  Deer Tick 
Jungle Love  Steve Miller Band 
Say My Name  Sick Puppies 
Wicked Games  Chris Isaak 
Swing Life Away  Rise Against 
Alone Down There  Modest Mouse 
All the Above  Maino ft. T-Pain 
A Well Respected Man  The Kinks 
M79  Vampire Weekend 
Sultans of Swing  Dire Straits 
Not the Sun  Brand New 
Name  Goo Goo Dolls 
Mishto  Gogol Bordello 
Inside My Head  Radiohead 
Rock 'N Roll Lifestyle  Cake 
Killbot 2000  Murder By Death 
Sacrifice  The Expendables 
Circles  Break of Reality 
How You Like Me Now?  The Heavy 


This is my mix for the Daughter of Franksenstein Project.1. Song under 1 minute
2. Song from last album bought (the album was "Born on Flag Day")
3. Old song that you heard for 1st time in the last year
4. Cover you like better than original (Nothing like a Rock version of Destinys Child)
5. A sexy song
6. Song reminds you of 1st relationship
7. 7th song from an album (its the 7th track on The Moon and Antarctica - my fav. modest mouse album)
8. Favorite song from genre/style you usually don't like
9. Beatlesque song
10. Song from year you graduated high school
11. Live version better than studio version
12. Song with "sun" in title
13. Song that makes you cry
14. Song in a language you don't speak
15. A b-side
16. Life is a TV show, this is your theme song
17. Your least favorite song by your favorite artist
18. Song from most recent artist you paid to see
19. Song without words
20. Song title = question?
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Date: 1/29/2010
I switched the artist and song do i fix it?
Date: 1/29/2010
Very nice. Hope you don't mind the imitation.