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(Another) Daughter of Frankenstein Project

Artist Song
Bob & Doug McKenzie  Welcome To Side Two 
Wilco  Wilco (The Song) 
Adriano Celentano  Prisencolinensinainciusol 
CAKE  Mahna Mahna 
Frank Sinatra  Then Suddenly Love 
Starship  Nothing's Going To Stop Us Now 
The Postal Service  We Will Become Silhouettes 
Blondie  Rapture 
Something Happens  Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello (Petrol) 
Styx  Mr. Roboto 
Peter Frampton  Do You Feel Like We Do 
Catherine Wheel  Judy Staring At The Sun 
Peter Hammill  (This side of) The looking glass 
Scorpions  Kojo No Tsuki 
U2  Luminous Times (Hold On To Love) 
Marillion  Happiness Is The Road 
Marillion  Most Toys 
Porcupine Tree  Drawing The Line 
Pink Floyd  Terminal Frost 
Adam Sandler  What The Hell Happened To Me? 


I can't take credit for this. The mix idea is inspired Stuckinthemiddle9's Daughter of Frank Mix (Thanks for the awesome idea).

Here's the rules:
1. Song under 1 minute
2. Song from last album bought (last physical CD bought was Wilco)
3. Old song that you heard for 1st time in the last year
4. Cover you like better than original (dee-dee-dee-deet-deet)
5. A sexy song
6. Song reminds you of 1st relationship
7. 7th song from an album (From The Postal Service, one of my faves)
8. Favorite song from genre/style you usually don't like (I usually don't listen to rap)
9. Beatlesque song
10. Song from year you graduated high school
11. Live version better than studio version
12. Song with "sun" in title
13. Song that makes you cry
14. Song in a language you don't speak
15. A b-side
16. Life is a TV show, this is your theme song
17. Your least favorite song by your favorite artist
18. Song from most recent artist you paid to see
19. Song without words
20. Song title = question?


Trish Mullins
Date: 1/30/2010
cool mix!Trish