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CD | Hip Hop/Rap - Hardcore Rap

We Live In A Country...

Artist Song
Strike Anywhere  Detonation 
Flogging Molly  Man With No Country 
State Radio  CIA 
Bad Religion  Them And Us 
Bad Religion  A Walk 
Faith No More  Epic (live) 
Faith No More  We Care A Lot (live) 
The Riverdales  Back To You 
Set Your Goals  Mutiny! 
Black Label Society  Concrete Jungle 
The White Stripes  Little Cream Soda 
311  Homebrew 
Bouncing Souls  The Gold Song 
Krum Bums  Cease Fire 
Teenage Bottlerocket  So Cool 
Smashing Pumpkins  Doomsday Clock 
Theory Of A Dead Man  Bad Girlfriend 
Emmure  10 Signs You Should Leave 
X Ray Spex  Oh, Bondage Up Yours! 
Iced Earth  The Reckoning 
Bullet For My Valentine  Waking The Demon 
Bouncing Souls  Argyle 
Disturbed  Remember 


First off, this mix has a long title. I notoriously have short titles for my mixes, but this one has a long title. It is: We live in a country where we are divided in a red state, blue state stalemate. only the truth is purple. like the heart of the solidier fighting a war that can't be won. blindfolded with the American flag as oil quenches their thrist. innocent civilian casualties, byproduct of jingoism, die unjustly. country first, working class poor last. bailout the ceo, not the homeless beggar. as the acid rain falls mix. That is the full title. I can keep going with my title but I can't. It was inspired from Fiona Apple's When The Pawn... album. I'm not into her music but a long title is interesting. This is not entirely a poltical mix. This mix is just songs I'm into at the time; outtakes from other mixes I've made; songs from bands I'm just getting into; and old favorites.
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