you will have a boy tonight and you hope that she will see: with sammyg123 & natalyesaurus

Artist Song
The Kabeedies  Lovers Ought To 
Dirty Projectors  No Intention 
The Balconies  Serious Bedtime 
Slow Club  Apples and Pairs 
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart  Teenager in Love 
Sondre Lerche  Modern Nature 
The New Pornographers  Miss Teen Wordpower 
Stars  Set Yourself On Fire 
Belle and Sebastian  Lazy Line Painter Jane 
The XX  Islands 
Summer Cats  In June 
Bon Iver and St. Vincent  Roslyn 
Sneeze  Shaky Ground 
Mates of State  Now 
Bodies of Water  These Are the Eyes 
The Postal Service  Nothing Better 
Ben Folds  You Don't Know Me (Featuring Regina Spektor) 
Owl City  The Saltwater Room 
The Jesus and Mary Chain  Sometimes Always 
Metric  The Twist 


This is the first collaboration with sammyg123 and natalyesaurus, and you can definitely believe it won't be the last. The idea behind it was simple: songs that feature both male and female vocals. A little girls and boys if you will (just like the Blur song).

The title is taken from a line in the Belle and Sebastian song, because Sam likes coming up with titles the least and Natalye likes taking them from song lyrics. Although it's taken out of context, it mentions both male and female, making it the most applicable to the mix's theme (OK, maybe that's stretching it a little, but bear with us).

Notes from Sam: I had a good time compiling [this] and can't believe we left it so long before doing one. And...I think it's great!!

Notes from Natalye: I'm so glad I finally took the initiative to do an alt-dj with Sam and I can't believe how easily it flowed. I'm definitely biased, but I echo Sam's sentiments in that this mix is excellent from start to finish!

Sam is odds, Natalye is evens.
image for mix


Date: 2/24/2010
No fair! You two had too much fun with this. Glad you included some Bell and Sebastian.