it's the same as it ever was: with Bear & natalyesaurus

Artist Song
Monsters of Folk  Map of the World 
Headlights  January 
Mystic Chords of Memory  Berry Creek Falls 
Grizzly Bear  Two Weeks 
Joy Zipper  You've Changed 
Aloha  Thermostat 
Caribou  Desiree 
Rogue Wave  Fantasties 
Aphex Twin  Jynweythek Ylow 
Mew  Snow Brigade 
Yo La Tengo  I'm Set Free 
Brahms  New Empty 
Broken Social Scene  Looks Just Like the Sun 
Vampire Weekend  Horchata 


Yet another winter-themed mix from members of the Mutual Appreciation Society. This is the first alt-dj collaboration between Bear and natalyesaurus, and we started off with the first track and just let it go from there. Kind of like a tetherball, the theme wanders off course here and there but always circles around the thematic idea of winter and all it encompasses. As Bear says, "there seems to be this theme of winter weather and journeys and movement." Natalyesaurus' take is that the mix captures "how winter seems to put people in this stagnant cocoon-like state, in spite of how much people resist it". Bear picked the cover art and the odd tracks; natalyesaurus picked the title (a lyric from the first track) and the even tracks.
image for mix