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there's a heaven and there's a star for you

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Sparklehorse  Chaos Of The Galaxy/Happy Man 
Sparklehorse  It's Not So Hard 
Sparklehorse  Sunshine 
Sparklehorse  Spirit Ditch 
Sparklehorse  Saint Mary 
Sparklehorse  Waiting For Nothing 
Sparklehorse  Don't Take My Sunshine Away 
Sparklehorse  Eyepennies 
Sparklehorse  Gold Day 
Sparklehorse  Hammering The Cramps 
Sparklehorse  Knives Of Summertime 
Sparklehorse  Ghost Of His Smile 
Sparklehorse  Sick Of Goodbyes 
Sparklehorse  It's A Wonderful Life 
Sparklehorse  Ghost In The Sky 
Sparklehorse  Piano Fire 
Sparklehorse  Little Fat Baby 
Sparklehorse  Saturday 
Sparklehorse  Some Sweet Day 
Sparklehorse  Gasoline Horseys [Live] 
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Date: 3/14/2010
I keep thinking about this comment from death cab's chris walla: "I always hoped that someday you would treat you good too." It seems like things were going so well for him, but i guess you never know what's going on under the surface. Loved Dark Night of the Soul, and have been excited about the recent news of its official release. Well done tribute.