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Will I Find You?

Side A
Artist Song
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone  Leslie Gore On The T.A.M.I. Show 
Land Of Talk  It's Okay 
Jens Lekman  Someone To Share My Life With 
Nick Drake  Blossom 
Jonathan Richman  Back In Your Life 
Side B
Ida  Late Blues 
The One AM Radio  The House We Will Make 
Tom Waits  Please Call Me Baby 
Kind Of Like Spitting  43C 


I found 30 minute cassettes on Ebay one day while goofing around last year and never used them until now. I thought they would be great to make little mixes for friends or whatever. Really. 15 minutes a side!

My last relationship ended about 2 years ago and it was disastrous from the start. I held on to hope and tried hard to make it work. I left my friends and family and traveled 2000 miles to be with her. It got worse. I tried my best, Ultimately, she cheated and it drove me back home.

My self esteem has been up and down since this happened and I had in the back of my head somewhere that I couldn't possibly get into another relationship again.

I met a girl recently that is funny, smart and gorgeous. The problem is she is with someone else. She likes me as well, it's just my timing is way off.

So I want someone I can't have. My mood has been pretty down so I made this mix. It's a mix of songs, well, words really, that I'm not clever enough to say. I continue to hold on to hope that there is someone for me. I just hope that I can find her.


Date: 3/20/2012
This is such a beautiful mix. I didn't know any of the songs/bands except for the Jens Lekman. I looked them all up and I'm glad I did. There's a lot of beautiful agony in the patience that's forced on us. I hope that you do find her.
Date: 3/20/2012
great mix indeed... i think that all these songs convey the message perfectly. good luck :)