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A Young Ladies Illustrated Primer 33 - Disc 1

Artist Song
The Promise Ring  A Picture Postcard 
Starsailor  Poor Misguided Fool 
Pixies  Gouge Away 
NOFX  Creeping Out Sara 
Explosions In The Sky  Your Hand In Mine 
Damien Jurado  Abilene 
Pedro The Lion  When They Really Get To Know You 
Sunny Day Real Estate  Pillars 
Polyphonic Spree  Soldier Girl 
Descendents  Suburban Home 
Todd Snider  Alright Guy 
Elliot Smith  Pretty (Ugly Before) 
Mastodon  Circle Of Cysquatch 
Radiohead  Karma Police 
Hum  Comin' Home 
Primus  John The Fisherman 
The Smiths  Girlfriend In A Coma 
Mazzy Star   Fade Into You 
Bright Eyes  From A Balance Beam 
Coheed and Cambria  2113 
Modest Mouse  Long Distance Drunk 


This edition of the Primer series is for a very, very sheltered girl. One night we were all sitting around having a drink or three, discussing music and I notice that this girl's eyes have glazed over and almost rolled back in her head. When asked "what's the matter?" She shyly says that she's never heard of a single band we've been talking about. I picked enough to fill up a CD and ran with it.

It's all over the place, not in any particular order. The girl needed to know that there was more to music than what was on our small market radio stations...Creed, Hinder, Disturbed. That's not music, that's prepackaged deposit slips for you to put your money into to feed the record labels. Have fun with that.