and love and war are either / either or or / or.

Artist Song
jawbreaker  incomplete 
make believe  a band room of one's own 
these arms are snakes  long and lonely step 
beauty pill  you are right to be afraid 
hot cross  cardiac silence 
fugazi  place position 
cap'n jazz  naive 
refused  this trust will kill again 
pissed jeans  boring girls 
medications  twine time 
indian summer  orchard 
jawbox  savory 
dag nasty  values here 
unwound  we invent you 
rites of spring  for want of 
colossal  the serious kind 
q and not u  ten thousand animal calls 
faraquet  cut self not 


80 minutes; for bob nanna of braid / hey mercedes / the city on film.


Fashion Munx
Date: 4/15/2010
I love Bob Nanna and his bands and many of the bands here. I saw Pissed Jeans on monday and they killed it. Fanastic mix. We should exchange sometime.