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if isaac were a bunny rabbit

Side A
Artist Song
beat happening  honey pot 
the microphones  i can't believe you actually died 
heavenly  atta girl 
jad fair  a new slant 
david-ivar herman dune  my brand new bike 
danielson famile  sing to the singer 
casiotone for the painfully alone  tonight was a disaster 
all-time quarterback  sock hop 
bunnygrunt  jenny not any dots 
andrew bird  a nervous tic motion of the head to the left 
modest mouse  australiopithicus 
those eskimos  you and me honey 
chugga chugga  who's the boss? 
mirah  sweepstakes prize 
daniel johnston  sorry entertainer 
the mountain goats  jenny 
cub  go fish 
beck  cyanide breath mint 
the pooh sticks  i know someone who knows someone who knows alan mcgee quite well 
Side B
unbunny  scene from a famous movie 
spoonboy  my generation 
half japanese  the worst i'd ever do 
kimya dawson  loose lips 
lois  transatlantic telephone call 
herman dune  not on top 
railroad jerk  bang the drum 
the halo benders  turn it my way 
tullycraft  8 great ways 
jonathan richman  that kind of music 
matty pop chart  ghost dream 
go sailor  together, forever in love 
dinosaurs, baseball and hopscotch  i still like you 
centro-matic  flashes and cables 
adam green  her father and her 
bobby birdman  i pulled it over my eyes 
little wings  natural chapel 
strip squad  down, out and away 
the smittens  i hate vermont 


A mixtape I made in 2005 at the height of my lo-fi twee pop/indie folk obsession for my friend isaac. He recently unearthed the tape, which has sadly broken from over-listening. I hope to recompile it soon to rekindle the memories.