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all that we are

Artist Song
vangelis  pulstar 
aphex twin  vordhosbn 
slowdive  trellisaze 
the smiths  the boy with the thorn in his side 
a sunny day in glasgow  lists, plans 
cocteau twins  kookaburra 
enigma  gravity of love (radio edit) 
stereolab  the noise of carpet 
the flaming lips  one more robot/sympathy 3000-21 
nice nice  a little love 
rachel's  arterial 
yo la tengo  daphnia 
tearwave  love only makes me weak 
interpol  obstacle 2 
the jesus and mary chain  never understand 
liars  plaster casts of everything 
joy division  autosuggestion 
nine inch nails  the great below 
black tape for a blue girl  the christ in the desert 
the cure  the top 
wire  too late 
steve roach  quiet friend 
bola  glink 
the verve  this time 
vnv nation  carry you 
zero 7  this world 
lavender diamond  you broke my heart 


this is the playlist i listened (obsessively) whilst writing the first spec script draft of *all that we are*, a contemporary romantic drama. mostly these are used to help establish moods for a scene and to provide narrative flow.