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walk in silence

Artist Song
the cure  faith 
tearwave  shattered fairytale 
lovesliescrushing  wallflower [original version] 
vast  winter in my heart 
leyland kirby  a longing to be absorbed into a different and beautiful world 
dead can dance  in power we trust the love advocated 
arvo part  festina lente 
sergei rachmaninoff  slavosovie belikoe [the great doxology] 
lisa hammer  chant no. 5 
ladytron  black cat 
smashing pumpkins  marquis in spades 
tool  the grudge 
pink floyd  the final cut 
david bowie  repetition 
bush  history 
moby  flying foxes 
the national  afraid of everyone 
lycia  silver silver 
gary numan  complex 
slowdive  j's heaven 
mono  the battle to heaven 
sinead o'connor  feel so different 
bjork  unison 
passengers  miss sarajevo (single edit) 
broadcast  look outside 
vangelis  messages 
ulrich schnauss  shine 


this is the playlist i listened (obsessively) whilst writing the first spec script draft of *walk in silence*, a contemporary romantic drama. mostly these are used to help establish moods for a scene and to provide narrative flow.