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Playlist | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Mixed Genre

How to Woo a Lady.

Artist Song
Beat Happening  You Turn Me On 
The Monarchs  Pretty Little Girl 
Elvis Presley  Tryin' to Get to You 
Bob Dylan  All I Really Want to Do 
The Gun Club  She's Like Heroin to Me 
The Flamingos  Need Your Love 
Deerhunter  Fluorescent Grey 
The Jesus and Mary Chain  You Trip Me Up 
Sam Cooke  You Were Made for Me 
Big Star  Thirteen 
Superdrag  She is a Holy Grail 
The Rolling Stones  Let's Spend the Night Together 
Bo Diddley  Pretty Thing 
The Drifters  Ruby Baby 
The Angels of Light  Untitled Love Song 
The Beatles  In My Life 
The Kinks  Love Me Till the Sun Shines 
Galaxie 500  Tugboat 
Beat Happening  Godsend 


This is hands-down the best mix that anyone has ever made for me. I melt a little more with every listen.


Date: 6/21/2010
Great to see a new one from the long-lost cassiopea. Wonderful set of tracks here, and that includes Deerhunter and Stones.
Date: 6/22/2010
Thanks, M! It's always nice to come back, especially with your nice comments!
Date: 7/10/2010
Looks like a fantastic mix - I might have to borrow it to woo my lady...