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Driving Mix 57

Artist Song
Blind Guardian  Mirror Mirror 
Dragonforce  Hereos Of Our Time 
Manowar  Metal Warriors 
Soilwork  Sworn To A Great Divide 
Motorhead  Rock Out 
Disturbed  Inside The Fire 
Orgy  Stitches 
Wednesday 13  Devil Made Me Do It 
Soundgarden  Big Dumb Sex 
SNFU  Better Than Eddie Vedder 
Lit  Miserable 
Deep Purple  Burn 
Boyz To Men  Motown Philly 
Eminem, Dr. Dre  Forgot About Dre 
Lil Wayne  She's A Ryder 
Sean Paul  Legalize It 
Plies  Get You Wet 
Three Six Mafia  Slob On My Knob 
Kanye West  Kanye's Work Out Plan 


Wow. I thought I already posted this mix before but I was lookiing through my driving mix archives on here and did not see Driving Mix 57. What the hell? Did I miss this one? Did it get deleted or lost somewhere in time? So I'm posting it. I nickname this mix my Power Metal Driving Mix since I kick things off here with 3 straight power metal groups. One of the few driving mixes with the rap at the end. That was due to the school I went to and that I dropped shortly thereafter. Pretty enjoyable mix. I could have sworn I posted it. Anyone remember? It's gonna drive me nuts. I'm due for some new driving mixes so hang in there.
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