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His Indie World

Artist Song
Mary Lou Lord  His Indie World 
Guided by Voices  Alright 
Velocity Girl  Pop Loser 
Eric's Trip  Stupidest Thing 
Rocketship  Naomi & Me 
Rancid  Detroit 
Rocket from the Crypt  Ditchdigger 
Bikini Kill  Alien She 
Built to Spill  Twin Falls, ID 
Tsunami  Slugger 
Slant 6  What Kind of Monster Are You? 
Smog  Bathysphere 
Butterglory  Skills of the Star Pilot 
Silver Jews  Advice to the Graduate 
Heavenly  C is the Heavenly Option 
Huggy Bear  Herjazz 
Helium  All the Xs Have Wings 
Half-Japanese  Eye of the Hurricane 
Sebadoh  Ocean 
Sentridoh  Losercore 
Superchunk  Slack Motherfucker 
Treepeople (Doug Martsch)  Anything's Impossible 
The Folk Implosion (Lou Barlow)  Waltzing With Yr Ego 
Beat Happening (Calvin Johnson)  You Turn Me On 
The Fastbacks (Kim Warnick)  I Never Knew 
The Muffs (Kim Shattuck)  I'm a Dick 
The Breeders (Kim Deal)  I Just Wanna Get Along 
Sonic Youth (Kim Gordon)  Drunken Butterfly 
Sebadoh  Gimme Indie Rock 


Others have done this before; this is my take on it. [EDIT: Okay, updated to include the namechecks at the end. I even added the second Sebadoh as a bonus track since it still fit on one CD.]


Date: 10/4/2010
Actually I have NOT seen this done before. Way cool idea! (By the way, I am sure Mary Lou was including Kim Deal.)