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CD | Theme - Depression

In Revolt Against The Modern World Vol. I & II

Side A
Artist Song
L'Orchestra Noir  Prologue 
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud  A New Soldier Follows The Path of a New King 
Atraxia  Scarlet Leaves 
Of The Wand & The Moon  In a Robe of Fire 
Apatheia  The Temple of Oaks 
Death in June  The Accidental Protege 
Ain Soph  Blut und Geist 
Ordo Rosarius Equlibrio  Yesterday Brings But a Serpant of Ash 
Strength Through Joy  A Grave for Burning Wings  
Von Thronstahl  Three Drops of Blood Colour the Snow 
Sol Invictus  In Days to Come  
Turbund Sturmwerk  Gloria Mundi 
Current 93  A Sadness Song  
Side B
Arcana  The Ascending of a New Dawn  
Rose Rovine e Amanti  Adorazione dell'Europa (Where Is Europa!?) 
Sol Invictus  Old Londinium Weeps 
Werkraum  Die Letzte Jagd 
Of The Wand & The Moon  Honour 
Death In June  Little Black Angel  
Der Blutharsch  Untitled V 
The Days of The Trumpet Call  Young German Mother 
Changes  Twilight of The West  
Werkraum  Hohezeit 
Riharc Smiles  Armageddon Is A Sunny Day 
While Angels Watch  Heroes Day 
Von Thronstahl  Victoria II  


These are two separate Neofolk mixes. The first volume was made by a Panda in 2007, the second volume was made by myself in 2010. The title is based on the book, "Revolt Against the Modern World" by Julius Evola.
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