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Playlist | Mixed Genre
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MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre

I Think, Therefore iPod - Version 6.0

Artist Song
Elvis Costello  The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes (34) 
Barenaked Ladies  Every Subway Car (35) 
Arctic Monkeys  My Propeller (35) 
Phoenix  1901 (36) 
The Beatles  Strawberry Fields Forever - LOVE Remix (36) 
Arcade Fire  The Suburbs (37) 
Rolling Stones  Street Fighting Man (37) 
Bobby Fuller Four  Let Her Dance (37) 
Broken Bells  The Ghost inside (38) 
Regina Spektor  The Calculation (38) 
The Runaways  Hollywood (38) 
Ryan Bingham  The Weary Kind (40) 
Hall & Oates  You Make My Dreams (41) 
Propellerheads  History Repeating (41) 
Beirut  Postcards from Italy (43) 
Florence & The Machine  You've Got the Love (44) 
The Unicorns  Les Os (46) 
The Smiths  Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (46) 
Keane  My Shadow (48) 
Spoon  Written in Reverse (51) 


This is an mix I make annually in accordance with a challenge set down by my bro (who btw mixes as comebackshane). It's designed to reload your listening habits when it comes to an iPod, and start fresh every year. The formula is thus: rank your songs in order of playcount. Without grabbing two tracks from the same artist, take the 20 highest played tracks and there's your mix! Then, reset the playcount on all the tracks and do it again same time next year. This year's list is heavily influenced by the fact that I'm more "the movie guy" than "the music guy" these days. Thus many of these tracks got heavy play for their use in films like (500) DAYS OF SUMMER, THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX, and CRAZY HEART. So here we have my twenty most played (with playcounts in parenthesis) for most of 2007. Cheers! -Famous.