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Artist Song
fIREHOSE  Riddle of the 80's 
Archers of Loaf  Plumb Line 
Sonic Youth  Star Power 
Grifters  Felt-tipped Over 
Meat Puppets  Oh, Me 
Hum  Pewter 
Husker Du  Divide and Conquer 
Further  Smudge 
Arcwelder  Will When You Won't 
Velocity Girl  Why Should I Be Nice to You? 
Bitch Magnet  Dragoon 
Bastro  Decent Skin 
Truman's Water  Soar 
Thee Speaking Canaries  El Rancho 
Sebadoh  Brand New Love 
Sunny Day Real Estate  Song About an Angel 
The Metroschifter  $39.99 
Minutemen  More Joy 
Pavement  My First Mine 
Dinosaur Jr.  The Post 


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