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Almost Mix

Artist Song
Bowling For Soup  Girl All The Bad Guy Want 
Bowling For Soup  Punk Rock 101 
Bowling For Soup  High School Never Ends 
Bowling For Soup  1985 
Bowling For Soup  Almost 
Bowling For Soup  I Don't Wanna Rock 
Bowling For Soup  Emily 
Bowling For Soup  The Bitch Song 
Bowling For Soup  She's Got A Boyfriend 
Bowling For Soup  Thirteen 
Lit  My Own Worst Enemy 
Lit  Miserable 
The Offspring  Hit That 
They Might Be Giants  Istanbul Not Constantinople 
They Might Be Giants  We're The Replacements 
They Might Be Giants  Birdhouse In Your Soul 
Ben Folds Five  Rocking The Suburbs 
T Rex  Bang A Gong 
allman brothers  sweet melissa 
Neil Young  My My Hey Hey 
Goo Goo Dolls  Iris 
A Perfect Circle  Imagine (cover) 


I was wondering why some of the songs are on here but now I'm remembering. I think this was made sometime after I was talking to this girl. We were into each other but somehow just didn't work out. Perhaps that is where the title comes in. Almost- as in not quite, so close but denied, and so on. Almost. It sucks when it just doesn't work or you get close and...its gone.
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