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holy fuck, chicago!

Artist Song
jets to brazil  your x-rays have just come back... 
the promise ring  why did we ever meet 
hot hot heat  harmonicas and tambourines 
q and not u  hooray for humans 
the ataris  your boyfriend sucks 
braid  please drive faster 
the movielife  hey 
hey mercedes  eleven to your seven 
the get up kids  red letter day 
the promise ring  electric pink 
saves the day  at your funeral 
braid  breathe in 
q and not u  black plastic bag 
the movielifel  once in a row 
hot hot heat  island of the honest man 
hey mercedes  the boy destroyers 
jets to brazil  lemon yellow black 
the ataris  the last song i will ever write about a girl 
saves the day  firefly 


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Date: 2/5/2011
Help... Stranded in the snow on Lake Shore Drive... Need something to listen to... Preferably including J2B...