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"i'm not sure i can send this to [...] another human being."

Side A
Artist Song
Slava Ranko  Half-Animal 
Wolf Eyes  Half Animal, Half Insane 
Alberich  To Be The Strongest 
Relay For Death  Birth of an Older, Much More Ugly Christ pt. 2 
Prurient & Nico Vascellari  (D side) 
Side B
Climax Denial  My Girl's Smile 
Hair Police  Intrinsic to the Execution 
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock  Asshole (excerpt) 
FFH  Concrete Angel 
Tortured Hooker  Only Objects Allowed, No Cocks (pts. 1-16) 
Tonetta  G & B Showers 
How To Dress Well  Suicide Dream 2 
Whorebutcher  Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 


6FEB.4:40PM can i have a mixtape?! i have no rules!

6FEB.4:41PM gotcha
6FEB.7:34PM okay, so: no rules but, i've got some basic human decency. i was in the process of making your mix and by some turn of events this is awfully dark / brutal / depraved, i'm not sure i can send this to a woman i've never met, let alone another human being. i mean, i'll send it if you are totally like "surprise me!" but i just want to warn you about how terrible this tape is.
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