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First Semester

Artist Song
Sia  Breathe Me 
Alela Diane  White as Diamonds 
The Star Song  TBIAPB 
Little Lion Man  Mumford and Sons 
Peach Plum Pear  Joanna Newsom 
The Weepies  World Spins Madly On 
The Mountain Goats  Have to Explode 
The Mountain Goats  This Year 
The Mountain Goats  Mole 
The Mountain Goats  Old College Try 
Regina Spektor  Laughing With 


I am awkward.

Also: I have not been here in about three years. It's been a crazy ride. I'm happy to be back here again.
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Date: 2/13/2011
Brownie points for opening it up with Sia. Cookie points for including The Weepies. Cake points for ending it with Regina. Extra Sprinkles points for the rest of the mix.