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Watch Your Language / I'd Fuck Bill Murray

Side A
Artist Song
Whitehouse  police arrest during Live Action 22  
Billy Joel  all of Billy Joel's greatest hits (Disc 1) played at once  
Sacred Harp Singers at Liberty Church  Idumea  
Prurient  Memory Repeating  
Oneohtrix Point Never  End of Life Entertainment Scenario #1 (excerpt)  
+++  gOth bb 
SALEM  wigga 
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock  Aktion 971206 Tokyo, 'For Stringquintet and Asstrumpet' (excerpt) 
Klaus Kinski  Jesus Christus ErlĂ·ser (excerpt) 
Side B
Bone Awl  Show Me  
Rodger Stella   
Soulja Boy  Crank Dat (chppd + scrwd, DJ DYCE)  
Die Antwoord  Evil Boy (F**K You In The Face mix, Ninja's extra verse only)  
How To Dress Well  You Won't Need Me Where I'm Goin'  
Jiz  It Gets Worse  
Gorgoroth  Destroyer  
fire island, AK  live at Alligator Wharf (16SEPT10 Anchorage)  
Peaches  I Don't Give A Fuck  
Negative Approach  Ready To Fight 
Wolf Eyes  (NO MATTER track 2) 
Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra  Uaxuctum: The Legend Of The Mayan City Which They Themselves Destroyed For Religious Reasons, 3rd mvmt. (Giacinto Scelsi, comp.) 
Sapporo Symphony Orchestra  Hell's Picture Scroll (Toru Takemitsu, comp.) 
Mater Suspiria Vision  BLOOD ROSE: Nightcruisin' Mixtape of the Witches (excerpt) 


a mixtape for a friend and, yes, this is totally up their alley.
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Date: 2/17/2011
That's my favorite Billy Joel song.