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CD | Theme

Of trains and the girls who ride them

Artist Song
The Shins  Pam Berry/Phantom Limb 
John Cage\Stephen Drury  Suite For Toy Piano 
Blonde Redhead  Will there be stars? 
Shonen Knife  Watching Girl 
Dance Chromatic  Dance Chromatic 
Scarling  City Noise 
The (International) Noise Conspiracy  Will it ever be quiet?(Live) 
The Faint  Hypnotized 
Rancid  Ruby Soho 
Squarepusher  Problem Child 
Naked Funk  Pleasing The Korean 
The Golden Dream Orchestra  When The World Was Mine 
Prefuse 73  We go our own way 
The Shins  A comet appears 


One of those fake film soundtracks for something i'm trying to work out in my head.

Set in june 2007, a month shy of the anniversary of the London Underground bombings, a disenchanted college student(in London,obv) and train hobbyist(or trainspotter, if you like) takes whatever savings she has and leaves for Tokyo, as the subway system is massive and intriguing.
Her first night there, she encounters an eccentric girl in a slightly worn male school outfit, who introduces herself as Takezura when she misplaces her train pass. Takezura is a runaway of sorts, an ex-student who makes her living pickpocketing the drunken and tired commuters on the last few trains out.

Elsewhere, a female schoolmate, Hachiko who'd become involved with(i.e. dated) the runaway has, in the midst of looking for her, taken on something of a benign vigilantism,foiling simple crimes.

Loosely based on Robert Bresson's "Pickpocket" and an assorted set of books, film, personal musings, and just a hint of anti-consumerism.


Date: 2/21/2011
What a great story!