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Buoyant Losses

Artist Song
Broken Bells  The High Road 
Hey Champ  Cold Dust Girl 
Freelance Whales  Starring 
J=nsi  Sinking Friendships 
Cake  Commissioning A Symphony in C 
Vampire Weekend  Oxford Comma 
Ben Folds Five  Philosophy 
Radiohead  Just 
M83  Teen Angst 
Death Cab for Cutie  Company Calls 
Two Door Cinema Club  Eat That Up, It's Good For You 
Franz Ferdinand  All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem) 
Fountains of Wayne  Sick Day 
Marina & The Diamonds  I Am Not A Robot (Clock Opera Remix) 
Yeasayer  Tightrope 
Long Conversations And The Closet Orchestra  Open Your Eyes Wide 
Clinic  Distortions 
Metric  The End Has No End (The Strokes) 


It's about those people in life you're only close enough to that you can watch them flounder but can't politely give them life advice. Still, you're still mostly rooting for them. Personally, I can't help but tear them down in my head and then build them up again. I've never put together a mix before that anyone could easily describe as petty, judgmental, or cold-blooded. It was incredibly fun to make.
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