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CD | Mixed Genre

It was a pink day, on a pink beach, in my pink mind...

Artist Song
the afghan whigs  66 
radiohead  optimistic 
badly drawn boy  the shining 
the cure  the loudest sound 
the smashing pumpkins  tonight reprise 
the folk implosion  someone you love 
creeper lagoon  wrecking ball 
radiohead  how can you be sure? (when i'm like this) 
pink floyd  wish you were here 
dave matthew's band  #41 
scott weiland   barberella 
the smashing pumpkins  set the ray to jerry 
the smashing pumpkins  the boy 
lisa loeb  how 
tori amos  northern lad 
the smashing pumpkins  stumbeline 


for the day i was broadsided and realized i felt more than friends. he knows and feels the same way but i hooked him up with my best friend b/c i didn't want to get close to him...unfortunately it didn't work(the not getting close to him part, he's still in the process of hooking up)...and i'm closer to him now than i've ever been. he even knows about this mix. :(


Date: 7/14/2001
who are you and what are you doing with my taste in music?
Date: 7/14/2001
...tho i still don't understand how anyone can put "...jerry" anywhere but the end of a mix. . . . . yup, i'm a stickler.....