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Relationships can be a wild ride

Artist Song
The Decemberists  Calamity Song 
Elliott Smith  Waltz #2 
Few and Far Between  Waking Up Tired 
David Gray  Please Forgive Me 
The Weakerthans  The Reasons 
Wilco  Was I In Your Dreams? 
Bess Rogers  Yellow Bird 
Amelia Curran  Hands on a Grain of Sand 
Nick Drake  Cello Song 
Somebody That I Used to Know  Elliott Smith 
Elvis Costello  Veronica 
Magnetic Fields  The Saddest Story Ever Told 
The Seedy Seeds  On the Subject of Our Past Selves 
Teddy Geiger  Tomorrow Never Comes 


Not sure what to make of this mix. I started out making a fun mix for a friend and it got kind of weird and dark there at the end. It's for a friend, who, if my subconscious is telling me anything, I have mixed feelings about. Who knows?
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